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Version: v3.0

Technical Specs

Supported Game Engines

Unreal Engine 4.27, 5.0;

Supported Browsers

Desktop. Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. (Chrome performs best)

Mobile. Mobile Chrome (Android 7+) and Mobile Safari (iOS 12+).

Supported Resolutions

Up to 1080p (720p recommended for better performance).

By default resolution dynamically changed to be that of browser window size.

Bandwidth Requirements

Minimum of 5 Mbps bandwidth recommended per user / stream


Streaming framerate (fps) is dependent on game complexity (polygon count, lighting, particle effects, etc.), as well as the client’s browser resolution, network latency, bandwidth, and hardware specification.

On intracontinental network links, average frame rates between 30 and 60 fps are typical when streaming multi-million polygon models at 720p to commodity grade end user devices (between 20 and 40 fps for 1080p).

Cloud Service

Reality runs on Amazon Web Services


Capacity is dynamically scaled based on usage within a specifiable minimum and maximum range.

Supported GPUs

NVIDIA Tesla M60 GPU 8GB GPU memory

NVIDIA TESLA T4 GPU 16GB GPU memory and RT cores supporting real-time ray tracing

Supported Regions







Sydney (AWS regions)