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Version: v3.0

Portal Commands

With MetaPortal you can add new commands and test them through the Developer Panel.

Added commands in MetaPortal can be called through special uuid-shortcuts. This greatly simplifies the development and updating of commands.

How to find the uuid shortcut?
  1. In the list of commands in the developer panel, click on the subtitle (example camera_zoom #2c2453)

  2. The copied label can be invoked via emitUuidAsync()


This method works if you have specified an API key


import React from 'react'

// ui
import Button from 'rsuite/Button'

// libs
import { usePlayer } from 'pixel-streaming'

export const CommandsUuid: React.FC<any> = () => {
const player = usePlayer()

const [disabled, setDisabled] = React.useState<boolean>(false)

const emitUuidAsync = (commandUuid: string) => async () => {
await player.cls.emitUuidAsync(commandUuid).then((res: any) => {
if (res) {
console.log('@@@callback', JSON.stringify(res, null, 4))

return (

Portal Commands

<div data-actions>
<Button appearance='primary' disabled={disabled} onClick={emitUuidAsync('b355d3')}>
Color: white
<Button appearance='primary' disabled={disabled} onClick={emitUuidAsync('7224e7')}>
Color: black


Commands Body

KeysFormatDefault valueDescription
commandstringThe unique command name that Unreal Engine will receive.
Type: slug (lowercase, no spaces)
request.bodyjson{}An object with the data that Unreal Engine will receive as the contents of the command.
verification_idstringundefinedThis is the unique identifier for the command. With it, you can distinguish between two identical commands sent to the Unreal Engine.

If you specify undefined", then MetaEditor will automatically assign a sequence number.